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Its scope of activities encompasses every stage of the gas chain: production and treatment, liquefied natural gas LNGtransmission compression, underground storage, and pumping stations. The works include all necessary equipments for the global project conclusion.

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Expansion of the terminal, to triple capacity to 9. The terminal has successfully completed the build and commissioning „Put and call“ galimybės Phase 2 and is complete, and will be able to provide the UK with a significant proportion of its natural gas requirements.

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Aim: Supply of Italian gas grid with 6. The facility will incorporate the latest technology and safety features, with capacity for regasifying six million tones of LNG per annum.

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The facility is located offshore of Porto Levante, in the northern Adriatic Sea, about 15 kilometers off the Veneto coastline, where it is set on the sea floor.

The project was initiated in The terminal will have an initial throughput capacity of 12 billion m3 bcm per annum and will consist of three storage tanks and two jetty's.

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Annual throughput capacity can be increased to 16 bcm in the future. The Snøhvit LNG project was constructed to exploit the resources of three gas fields in the Barent Sea: Snøhvit, Albatross and Askeladd m to m deepwhich lie about km northwest of Hammerfest in Norway.

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Aim: New capacity for the Italan market. Permission to build not yet granted.

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Storage capacity: 2 tanks ofcubic meters. Unloading capacity: Can handle carriers of between 70, andcubic meters, „Put and call“ galimybės at Customers: The terminal will supply the domestic gas grid and two combined cycle power stations in the Asturia province of Spain.

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Expected Start-Up date: With an annual capacity of between 10 and 13 billion m3, this terminal is a response to French and European market expectations. It will make a significant contribution to security and diversification of supplies by increasing the capacity to import Liquefied Natural Gas LNG with the twin priorities of improving security and environmental protection.

Uždirbti pinigų internete VK land option concerns the site of a former oil storage depot offering excellent marine access and is ideally suited as a LNG import terminal location.

Expected Completion: A full scale planning application and „Put and call“ galimybės plan is now being developed. The facility will also include two new loading arms on the existing jetty, a regasification plant and additional underground pipeline for gas importation into the National Transmission System.

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Products: LNG for the domestic good. The terminal will be constructed at Swinoujscie near Szczecin in the western part of Poland's Baltic coast West Pomeranian region. The advantages of this placement include the lower costs to receive big ships and freight compred with those in Gdansk, and there are large gas consumers power station and chemical plant in the immediate vicinity.

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